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Uniting Past and Future: The TDC Hinge Story

Three decades ago, Tendency (TDC) set out on a mission to redefine the standard of hinge manufacturing. Our story begins in the heart of our family-owned hardware business, where we were inspired by generations of unwavering dedication, commitment to quality, pursuit of innovation, and sense of corporate responsibility. We came to understand that hinges are not just practical components, but the invisible bonds that seamlessly link the rhythm of everyday life.
Presently, TDC is recognized worldwide, yet our core principles that fuelled our rise remain steadfast. We seamlessly weave our valuable legacy with a relentless drive for innovation, continuously exploring new possibilities to create artisan hinges that offer more than impeccable functionality. To us, a hinge is an artistic touch that augments the overall atmosphere of a place, not just a fundamental requirement.
At TDC, we are filled with immense pride and eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead. We are thrilled to play an integral role in your story, linking your world together with our superior artisan hinges.

The Advanced Development of Tendency (TDC)

Follow the captivating journey of TDC Hinges, from its humble beginnings 30 years ago in a family-run
hardware manufacturing business to its emergence as an international brand.